In Massachusetts, there is only one dual Domestic and Sexual Violence (DV/SV) organization dedicated to serving the culturally Deafcommunity, providing essential services to those affected by domestic and sexual violence. Our Deaf Survivors Center, Inc. (ODSC) is committed to supporting Deaf individuals impacted by D&SV through linguistically and culturally sustaining resources and services.

ODSC will commemorate its 25th year of service at our upcoming annual fundraising Gala on October 19, 2024, at t h eNew England Patriots Putnam Club Premium South Lounge & Atrium in Foxborough, MA! Our theme is “Hope, Healing, &Justice,” and we look forward to coming together to celebrate progress and resilience. It is our hope to raise money to support Deafindividuals through three focus

  1. housing to help individuals secure a safe place for themselves and to heal;
  2. childcare to help individuals who need to support their children, while rebuilding their lives in healing ways;
  3. communication access by ensuring legal interpreters for individuals we serve to achieve justice.

We invite all who support our commitment to this cause to join us at this significant event and bring tangible changes to the lives of those we serve.
As a sponsor for the Gala, you will help us achieve our goals and to best serve our community by supporting individuals experiencing D&SV and expand our programming to effectively serve the entire state of Massachusetts.

We are eager to explore potential partnership opportunities with you through one of the sponsorship packages available and bring attention to your work. Please contact us to discuss sponsorships or to express your interest in getting involved with our organization.

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